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The City of Chongqing is known for its delicious hotpots, beautiful women, and picturesque landscape. But for the locals,the city is better known for its varieties of noodles, namely Xiaomian. The original Chongqing noodles were hot spicy vegeterian dishes which use ingredients such onion, garlic, vinigar, soy sauce, and hot pepper and etc. as flavoring agents. Chongqing noodles have gruadually expanded to many non-vegeteteran dishes which include beef, pork, and Chajiang etc. Chongqing noodles can alse be made to fit customers' need。Examples are Ganliu, Tihuang, and extra spicy.

说到重庆,人们对她的首先想到的就是火锅、美女、山城等。而在重庆城里,有一 种美食比火锅还普及,那就是重庆小面。 重庆小面种类繁多。狭义上的小面是指以葱蒜酱醋辣椒调味的麻辣素面 。但对老重庆人来说,即使加入牛肉炸酱、排骨等豪华浇头的面条也称小面,但默认的小面是素面。 广义的小面 除素面之外,还包括有臊子的多种面条,诸如牛肉面、肥肠面、豌豆面、炸酱面等。小面又富于变化,客人可以 在面店定制适合个人的口味面品, 如 “干馏” (拌面)、“提黄” (偏生硬),“加青” (多加蔬菜),“重辣 ” (多加油辣) 等等。

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